I had a congenital heart condition ASD detected at the age of 35 and neglected me being a stoic iIndian woman. Written off ,bedridden waiting for death to embrace me I read of the catheter procedure and at the age of 52 got my ASD corrected in 15 mins. By then all my organs had degenerated due to deoxygenated blood supply from birth.all the teeth of my upper jaw had decayed. Dr. Shakarraman took pity on me and did RC treatment but neglected the infection in one molar as the GI stick was embedded in the jaw bone. After 8 months of excruciating pain I went to Parasu. Dr.Yashwant very kindly agreed to take me on, He took a risk and was very concerned as I am now a patient of angina pectoris.He monitored me constantly.."How are you ma'am?',"Is everything ok.' etc. He is very professional in the sense he asks you to fill in a questioaire about your allergies and regular medications.He also gives you the X rays.He runs a tight ship and steers it well.He sorted out all my teeth in my upper jaw which involved a couple of extraction and RC for the rest and gave me prosthetics. Tall and imposing as he is he's very gentle with his patients. His receptionist Kausalya takes the cake .A very cheerful and friendly girl. She is very accommodating and reschedules the missed appointments according to the patient's convenience.He has trained his staff including the attendants well. The smiles drive away any fear of the procedure.The Muzak is very relaxing.Behind every successful man there are two women The credit goes to them. Every time I masticate I bless all the dentists in Parasu who attended on me.May God bless Dr.Yashwant to live up to his name ,Yashwant....the famous one ,by carrying on the good work he is doing.One feedback is when there are two sittings one followed by another with different doctors it shoul be mentioned clearly and the messages should be collated. I missed one appointment mistaking the second message tas the rescheduled one.Putting it in a nutshell Parasu is a haven for dental problems,what with its state of the art equipments and highly skilled and cheerful team.

-- Sukhada Srinivasa , Chennai